This again

I started this blog a year ago because there was a tube strike on in London and I wanted somewhere to rant about it. Twelve months on, almost to the day, there’s going to be another strike.

A lot’s changed in a year. At the beginning, I was hammering away at the keyboard and posting all manner of seething diatribes and reports of my propensity for landing in all kinds of Larry David-esque situations, sometimes every day. Now I’m down to a few a month and even those fail to muster any serious level of vexation – maybe I’m just not that angry about stuff anymore, or maybe London’s shit side has been perniciously chipping away at my subconscious for the past three years and I’ve finally capitulated to accept that living here will generally just be a bit of a pain in the arse.

Conversely, though, I’ve checked my first post, a snarly but good-humoured riposte to tube union boss Bob Crow’s last commuter-bothering decision, and I was actually quite sympathetic to the tube drivers’ cause.

Well, this time it’s maintenance staff threatening to not turn up to get me to work on time and I’m not smiling. In fact, I’m getting a little sick of all this strike shit. They want job security and good working and pay conditions. Don’t we all. I want to be able to get to work without having to leave three hours early to ‘allow for delays’. Obviously we can’t always get what we want.

Expect more on this on 23 June.


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