A small insight into the Tories’ two-faced hypocrisy

In the second election debate on Thursday night, David Cameron – who still, as one commenter on a Guardian thread brilliantly noted, managed to somehow look like a man wearing a David Cameron mask – constantly accused Gordan Brown of trying to scare the electorate whenever the PM attempted to comment on the Conservative manifesto.

It was a tactic of sheer hypocrisy: in itself designed to scare the nation away from Brown. Not to mention the fact that the Tories’ entire campaign has been based on creating fear around Labour – you only need to look at the poster below. Does Cameron really believe that this isn’t designed to scare people? Or had he just conveniently forgotten it is splashed across countless billboards around the country?

But the Conservative two-facedness doesn’t end there. Take a look at the two images below. The first is a picture I took of a Tory poster strategically placed on a phonebox in a council estate in south London. Taking the look of a ‘home sweet home’-style embroidered napkin, it wants the people living in the surrounding area to believe that the Conservatives have their interests at heart.

However, below is another, shockingly frank, poster that gives a bit more insight into what the Tories really think.

I haven’t seen any of these posters, clearly designed to create a culture of fear, on or around any council estates. Make of that what you will, but you have to admit that this is a party that is sending out mixed messages. Do we really want a government that says one thing to one group of people and something else, something much more insidious, to others?


One thought on “A small insight into the Tories’ two-faced hypocrisy

  1. Wednesday, Kenneth Clarke – “Vote Tory, or England will go bankrupt, and set on fire, and the gays will take over” (i’m paraphrasing =D )
    Thursday, David Cameron – “Omg Labour are using scare tactics”.
    The Conservative consistency is just mesmerising.

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