Screw-loose packaging from Russia

You’re selling some screws. Lots of other people sell screws, too, so you need to find an angle to market your product as a cut above the rest.

So you think: well, we’re selling hardware. People will want to know that if they use our screws whatever they’re screwing will stay where they want it to.

Logically, then, what you do is stick a picture of a power-tool-wielding Roman soldier next to a bigger picture of a human hand firmly screwed down to a plank of wood, only subtly alluding to the crucifixion of Christ.

Seriously, though: what are these guys saying? That if the Romans had used these screws instead of nails Christ would have stayed firmly affixed to his cross and the Resurrection would have never happened?

I suppose you can’t blame them, though – you’re going to need a pretty memorable marketing campaign to get people to buy a product from a brand named Krep, and this is certainly that. Bonkers.

Thanks to my colleague Jill for finding the pic.


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