The London Weekly – hoax?

Just seen the first edition of new freesheet The London Weekly.

It must, must be a hoax. There are so many staggering clangers on every page, in every article, if it’s not a joke, I’ll be gobsmacked. And a little bit saddened.

I do this stuff for a living, so of course I’m going to notice. But The London Weekly is so bad that, surely, every single person that picks up a copy will notice, too.

Copy finishes mid-sentence, celebrities’ names are spelled incorrectly in stand-firsts. The text doesn’t line up in adjacent columns, and, most glaringly, the London Weekender page features the same ‘sell’ repeated in two different places on the page.

Oh, and, as many have pointed out, the laughable lead story about Gordon Brown is a verbatim press release from a rugby club website.

It must be a hoax. Perhaps a comment on how dazed commuters will blithely fill their brains with anything that’s thrust into their hands. If it is, it’s pretty well done and quite funny. If it isn’t, and these clowns actually get that amount of advertising on a weekly basis, we may as well all pack up and go home.


One thought on “The London Weekly – hoax?

  1. It’s got to be some kind of elaborate joke or spoof. Looking at in that way, it’s actually quite clever, as they’ve made every journalism faux pas imaginable. Even some of the names on the massive list of contributors seem fictional – two are Googlewhacks and Mother Theresa is the ed-in-chief!
    Looking forward to finding out more about why they’ve done and who is behind it.

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