A shameless attempt to boost traffic, featuring dogs playing poker

I’ve noticed a trend. More and more people are stumbling across this blog because they’ve searched the internet for pictures of dogs playing poker.

If you missed it, a couple of months ago I wrote this collection of words about, among other dog-related musings, an insalubrious gang of pooches playing a cheeky hand of Texas Hold’em.

Now, loads of people every day (well, loads for this blog anyway) are finding their way here after performing this search. In fact, if you type ‘dogs playing poker’ into Google Images, Words in Boxes is the second result that flashes up. Weird, eh?

So in a completely unforgivable attempt to get even more people on here reading this nonsense, here are some more pictures of some brainy, well-dressed mutts indulging in pursuits usually considered the reserve of mankind.



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