Grab your eggs, soldiers

How do you like your eggs in the morning? All over Nick Griffin’s racist face, please.

‘BNP leader: sink boats with African migrants on board’, said a headline in the Guardian today.

At first, I read it with disbelief. Then, after a moment’s consideration, I decided that, actually, it’s not that surprising, is it? A big, flabby career racist using his nasty, rotten cake-hole to garble out some incendiary tosh to incite racial hatred.

Griffin churns out so much of this festering nonsense that you could be excused for becoming a little desensitized to it. But actually read the words, think about what he’s suggesting. It’s ridiculous that he has the gall to say something that inane in a stable, apparently rational society and think people will listen. And it’s ridiculous that people do listen. Most of all, it’s ridiculous that some people actually agree with him.

What is even more shocking is that now this guy has a platform on which to promote his bilious rhetoric, a legitimate place on the political stage. And he got there because people voted for him. Or rather because not enough open-minded, egalitarian – basically, proper – people voted for other parties.

The morning the news broke that the BNP had won seats in the European parliament, I was angry. Angry at the country, at the government for allowing such large swathes of the nation to fall within reach of these despicable lunatics. Angry at the people in the north, mainly, but elsewhere, too – roughly, something like one in 20 people in the capital who cast a vote did so for these idiots – who said yes to racism.

Mainly, though, I was angry at myself. After work on the evening of the European elections, when I could and should have voted, I was at the launch party for a new chewing gum. Yep, chewing gum. And it really did seem like a good option at the time. It wasn’t apathy, more naivety. It never even occurred to me that in my lifetime, in this country, people would seriously stick their cross next to those names and think it was a good idea, the right thing, the best thing they could do.

I’m ashamed that I didn’t vote, and that will be the last time that I don’t. The thing that annoys me most, though, is the people that think that because the BNP has won legitimate seats in a democratic process, and therefore must be treated in the same respect as any other party, that Griffin can say whatever the fuck he feels like saying, however disgusting.

“It’s horrible that they got those votes,” people say, “but we’re a democracy, they were elected and they’ve as much right to their say as the other parties. Throwing eggs just makes a mockery of the system.” Well, maybe. But in this case I think it’s acceptable to throw eggs. So throw lots of them. Throw all the eggs: boiled, scrambled, sunny side up, Easter. Fuck it, even throw the eggs that are still inside chickens.

It won’t change the political landscape and, sadly, there’ll always be another chunky Nazi waiting to step into Griffin’s boots – I’ve realised now that the right to vote is the only weapon we have to fight these degenerates. However, it will make everyday life a little more unpleasant for a person bent on making life as unpleasant as possible for millions of honest, hard-working British people.

This man must be hounded, bullied, poked, spat at and ridiculed wherever he goes. And covered in egg. I’m heading out to stock up right now.


One thought on “Grab your eggs, soldiers

  1. I literally agree with everything you just said in that blog entry mate!!

    It is upsetting to me that people voted for this prick!

    His views are precisely why members of his party cannot be teachers and police etc. As a teacher I go out of my way to teach students how to understand different cultures and to understand that views like his will do nothing but divide this country and breed hatred.

    We should be embracing different races and religions…after all we are citizens of Britain but are we not also citizens of the world?

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